5 Best Bowling Alleys In Omaha

 When visiting, be sure to check out the 5 best bowling alleys in Omaha. In this great city, the hot hangout places are sure to be just as good. These centers are guaranteed fun, no matter who you are.

  1. West Lanes Bowl. If you've ever watched a scene on television taking place in a bowling alley, it's probably in West Lanes Bowl. This center located on 151 North 72nd Street is classic in every sense of the word. But that doesn't mean that a few modern advancements aren't made here.
  2. Scorz Sports Center. Much more organized than the average bowling center. This one holds competitions and leagues on a regular basis, so for anyone who's looking for a good challenge in Omaha, this is the place to go. This alley is located in 7062 Main Street.
  3. Mockingbird Lanes. 4870 South 96th Street is where this alley is. A great place for a group of people looking for a place to host birthday or company parties. Just one rule, no smoking. Other than that, non-smokers who visit Omaha are likely to find that this place is worth a try.
  4. Western Bowl. True to the spirit of Omaha, even in its name. Located on 4725 South 131st street, this alley may be preferable to an older social group, but that's not to say it's mandatory at all.
  5. Maplewood Lanes. Although a rather small and homely bowling center, this place has its own special charm as well. On 3030 North 101st Street, the regulars of this place are very friendly and offer quite the competition as well, so don't take them too lightly.
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