5 Best Bowling Balls For Men

The 5 best bowling balls for men are usually in the fourteen to sixteen pound range. They often feature durable external materials and quality internal materials for high performance. Other than that, the best bowling ball is the one that fits your fingers and bowling style. The following are some of the best bowling balls for men. 

  1. Brunswick Evil Siege Bowling Ball. Brunswick's Evil Siege responds well to friction. It's also resistant to slippery surfaces. The coverstock is designed for traction. The MACE core is designed for midlane strength and aggressive momentum. The ball comes in a variety of weights and designs. 
  2. Storm Invasion Bowling Ball. Here's another slick proof bowling ball for men. It features a revving core and a top quality coverstock for very precise action as the ball rolls down the alley. 
  3. Roto Grip Theory Bowling Ball. Roto Grip likes to design balls that have a predictable trajectory. You want to know where your ball is going, right? This is your bowling ball. 
  4. Columbia Burst Bowling Ball. The Burst by Columbia features a "standard 4000 finish to give all bowlers a more even arc on medium to drier conditions." The performance rating on this bowling ball is Advanced. This bowling ball for men is best known for long and even arcs. 
  5. Lane #1 Time Bomb Black Fire Bowling Ball. This bowling ball from Lane #1 is great for those who put a little spin on the ball. It is also known for aggressive momentum on slick surfaces. The predictability, lane sensitivity and sheer power makes the Time Bomb Black Fire one of the best bowling balls for men who won't let a little, or a lot of, grease cramp their game. 



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