5 Best Bowling Instruction Videos

Any one of the 5 best bowling instruction videos can get you out of the gutter and into the game.  They're not exactly the best sports videos, but they'll help you get your feet wet. Watching an instructor teach a technique, and then show the results can make a difference in the learning curve of a bowler. It would be a good idea to take the DVD to the bowling alley and watch it in a portable player, and then try the tips. 

  1. "Beyond the Bowling Basics" This DVD uses comprehensive diagrams to cover the essentials of making spares. The ability to make spares makes the biggest difference in the game. The mental side of bowling, gear and lane adjustment is also covered. The instructors are Parker Bohn III and Brad Angelo.
  2. "Essential Keys to Better Bowling" This is a good bowling instruction video for beginners. It discusses the fundamentals such as approach and ball delivery. It teaches how to move in and out of the lane to find the pockets that lead to strikes. The instructors are Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky.
  3. "Advanced Bowling: Techniques, Tips, and Tactics" Bowling tips for experienced bowlers is the focus of this DVD. Techniques that are covered include swing, separation and release. Also shown is how to read the lanes for better ball placement. The instructors are Fred Borden and Ken Yokobosky.
  4. "The Right Approach to Better Bowling" This DVD made the list of five best bowling instruction videos because it includes important things a beginner needs to know about etiquette at the bowling alley, such as waiting for his turn to bowl. Other newbie information is covered such as how to use the lane arrows for aiming. The instructors are Pat Costello and Stephanie Nation.
  5. "Bowling Faults and Fixes" This is a good DVD for anyone who has habitual mistakes they make while bowling. Additional information is covered such as ball rotation for more action and throwing with more power. The instructor is Walter Ray Williams Jr..
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