5 Best Bowling Tricks

Try these 5 best bowling tricks if you want to improve your game. Bowling is a fun sport that can be played by just about anyone young and old, but if you are ready to start taking your game seriously, try these tricks and you will be amazed at how well you can bowl. With a little practice you can throw strikes almost every time.

  1. The hook. In order to consistently throw strikes and increase your score, you need to learn how to hook the bowling ball. The secret to bowling with the hook is twisting your wrist just when you are letting go of the ball. Start with your hand under the ball and twist your hand to the left if you are bowling right handed. This will make the ball curve as it rolls down the lane.
  2. Aim for the pocket. The pocket is the area between the first and the third pins if you are right handed and the first and second pins if you are left handed. The pocket is where the strikes are, so learning this bowling secret will help you to score strikes more often.
  3. Check out the condition of the lane. Many recreational bowlers and not aware of this bowling trick, but the lane can make a big difference on how you throw the ball. If it is oily your ball will be more difficult to control. You will need to hold it lower to the ground and slow it down to gain some control.
  4. Speeding up the bowling ball. If your ball is not making it down the lane fast enough you need to speed it up. In order to do this correctly you need to hold the bowling ball about three to four inches higher. This will keep you in control of the ball, while gravity helps to increase the speed.
  5. Your stance will set you up for a good throw. The secret to the right stance when bowling is bent knees with your spine angled forward just slightly. Use your legs to give you strength and stability.



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