5 Best Bows For 3D Shooting

What are the 5 best bows for 3D archery shooting? Such lists are hard to make because everyone, especially archers, have strong opinions upon what make a bow the best. Perhaps the best way to create such a list is to take a poll at a local archery range which has 3D shoots and find out what bows are popular. Interestingly, there were actually five brands which stood out above the others mentioned as being used by the majority of archers. This list of the best bows for 3D archery shooting will be comprised of bows representative of those mentioned as the best. Hopefully, there will be something included which appeals to everyone.

  1. Bear Assault: The Bear Archery Company is one of the old timers in the archery industry. Fred Bear was one of the first and most innovative makers of modern archery equipment. The company which bears his name is still one of the best, with one of the largest brand loyalties. The Assault is what is called a short axle compound bow. Meaning it has a length between the axles of 32 inches or under. This makes a nice short bow for those 3D shooter who also enjoy archery hunting and like to hunt out of a tree blind.  
  2. Matthews Monster: Matthews has been one of the up and comers in archery since they formed in 1992. They have a strong history of innovation, customer service, and extreme brand loyalty which makes them one of the best archery companies.  The Monster is one of their best bows with a long proven design in a mid-axle, which is considered by many 3D shooters to be the most flexible of all types of bows. They are short enough to use in a tree, with additional size and comfort for those long 3D shoots. It is a very fast flat shooting design which is popular also.
  3. PSE Brute: PSE has been a major player in the archery world since the 1970's. Their products are legendary in innovation and brand loyalty, and the Brute upholds this legend. It is a short axle compound which has many of the characteristics of a mid-length in its fast, flat, comfortable shooting.
  4. Bowtech Destroyer: Smooth, fast, accurate, and comfortable to shoot is how the Destroyer has been described. As one of the newer boys on the block Bowtech has been building a reputation and following quickly. This is another of those mid-length bows which is popular with many of the 3D archery shooters. This one tends to blur the line a bit between short and mid lengths with great success. It is fast gaining a huge loyal customer base to show their bows work, and work well.
  5. Black Widow PMA III Take Down Recurve: This one is for the traditional archer who likes to shoot in 3D archery shoots. Black Widow makes state of the art traditional bows which can play with the big boys. Their quality, performance, and customer service are legendary in the traditional archer's world where grace and beauty are just as important as speed. This is one beautiful bow which will draw admiration on the 3D archery line for it's looks and performance both.

These are the five best bows for 3D archery shooting,. Hopefully there is something on it that will appeal to you. Enjoy the sport of 3D archery shooting, it is relaxing and fun.  

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