5 Best Bradley Cooper ‘Wedding Crashers’ Quotes

Finding the 5 best Bradley Cooper "Wedding Crashers" quotes is enjoyable, if not an easy task. "Wedding Crashers" isn't short on quotes; it's one of the funniest movies to hit the big screen. Bradley Cooper plays Zack "Sack" Lodge and as his name suggests, Zack Lodge is a jerk. The funny man does a good job playing a stuffy loser that's the total opposite of Owen Wilson (John Beckwith) and Vince Vaughn's (Jeremy Grey) characters. Bradley Cooper has a number of memorable quotes throughout the film and they all make him look like the biggest douche on the planet.

  1. "I hunt quail, Jeremy. They’re overpopulated in this region and they’re decimating the grubworm population. You got a f**king problem with that?" Zack is the epitome of what it means to be spoiled and over-privileged. Jeremy (Vaughn) makes it a point to point this out to the guy every time they interact.
  2. "Claire, you get your f**king ass on that altar right now!" Zack is showing his true colors yet again. He's a controlling, arrogant, egotistical guy that thinks he has complete control over his wealthy fiance and his future. That is of course, until John (Wilson) comes into his life and steals his woman.
  3. "Well, Claire. My head's buried in a toilet. What do you think? You do the math." In this particular quote, Zack is upset because he realizes that John and Jeremy had something to do with him getting sick. In his normal jerk-like tendency, he takes it out on his fiance.
  4. "You know, you can just cut that psycho babble bullsh*t your mom tells you, OK? You wanna help me out? Do ya? Do ya, kid? Why don't you go get me a 7Up, OK? All right, 'cause I think I might get vulnerable again." This Bradley Cooper quote continues the conversation he has with his fiance while he's throwing up in the toilet. Claire tries to reach out to him and being the jerk that he is, he dismisses her to go get him something to help him with his stomach.
  5. "You don't know sh*t." At this point in the film, Sack has lost. John has successfully made Claire fall out of love with Zack and in love with him. Claire's father basically dismisses the pompous jerk and this is Zack's response. Sack Lodge is still a jerk even though the ship is sinking.
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