5 Best Brand Name Catalogs

This list of the 5 best brand name catalogs covers a price range from bargain to exclusive. A well-known brand name is something a marketer dreams about, and each of these catalog companies offers several catalogs throughout the year to shoppers. Some catalogs arrive free for only a simple request, while others demand a more exclusive search by the company to determine if the recipient is worthy of the multi-page offering. In other words, do you have the bucks to buy something with that brand name on it? Big players may not even need to request a catalog. Some firms purchase the most exclusive names from a list of high rollers and send catalogs in the hope that something pictured might attract an eye.

  1. Victoria's Secret. This catalog is a multi-purpose event. It's both an advertisement for the company's clothing and, well, a picture book for men who would love to have a Victoria to gift some secret items from the catalog. Enough said about the all-purpose visual celebration. Victoria's Secret offered a catalog from the initial opening of the brand name, and it's been a staple ever since. Go figure; scantily-clad, well-exercised women in underwear. The catalog is a classic brand name catalog without any competition.
  2. Tiffany & Co. This ultimate jewelry store first opened in New York in 1837 and continues to offer high-fashion items from both domestic and international designers. Seasonal catalogs arrive via snail mail for the winter holidays and smaller catalogs featuring specific designers throughout the year. Once you buy a treasure at the store, your profile allows the company to target the catalogs to match your tastes in jewelry and accessories. Don't expect to find this catalog in the mailbox unless your credit profile is among the top income earners in the country.
  3. B&H: Photo, Video, Pro Audio. Audiophiles and nuts interested in electronics put the B&H catalog at the top of their personal lists. The company's catalog is available in a glossy print version or as an online offering with photos of everything. Browse for entry-level items of look for top-of-the-line, professional gear. The B&H brand name catalog even has equipment to trick out a complete sound studio.
  4. Brooks Brothers. This company opened for business offering classically-tailored, ready-to-wear suits and accessories in 1818 from a store in New York City. The chain today has more stores and certainly a higher profile for upscale, professional clothing. Brooks Brothers catalogs focus on clothing for the different seasons. Pick out your tennis outfit, back-to-school clothing or your summer dock shoes from the catalogs. Don't forget to pick up a winter wool suit and a summer linen number to be on the best-dressed list at your work or school. In keeping with recent technological innovations, Brooks Brothers catalogs can be viewed on the company website.
  5. L.L. Bean. The Bean folks send tons of catalogs to buyers interested in outdoor clothing, furnishings and kid's clothes. The company dates back to 1912 and its speciality is sturdy, almost indestructible clothing for men, women and kids. If you're into sports, L.L. Bean catalogs are a must-see. Buy a two- or three-person canoe, some snowshoes or complete ski wear, including warm socks and glove liners. Want a catalog? Simply ask and you will receive one.


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