5 Best Brands Of Champagne

Want to know what are the 5 best brands of champagne? From the club to the bedroom, knowing what type of champagne to order or have on hand is always a good idea, and it might just score some points with the ladies, as well. Read on to learn what the best brands of champagne are, so next time the need arises, you can pop some bubbly with bravado.

  1. Champagne-Perrier-Jouët. You can’t go wrong when you choose any of the champagnes within this brand. Girls love the bottle’s beautiful flower design, and from rosé to brut, this bubbly is one of the best brands of champagne out there. 
  2. Louis Roederer Cristal. Cristal is a classic. Just ask any rapper from west coast to east coast. But if you haven’t been up in the club swigging Cristal out of the bottle, then you’ve really been missing out on one of the best brands of champagne out there. Order up some "Cris" and you’ll have the ladies eating (or drinking) out of your hand in no time at all.
  3. Dom Pérignon. Widely known as one of the best brands of champagne available, you can’t go wrong when choosing Dom Pérignon for any occasion. Want to score a double hitter with the ladies? Purchase Dom Pérignon Rosé. It has hints of orange peel and fruit and a lovely light rose colored hue.
  4. Champagne Taittinger. Famously known as one of the best brands of champagne out there, Taittinger will provide a classy touch to any event, from a wedding with tons of guests to an intimate occasion for two. 
  5. Andre Champagne. It’s time to include one of the best brands of champagne for the guy on a budget. Andre is cheap, really cheap, so it’s safe to say you can probably afford Andre no matter what your financial situation is, but it doesn’t taste cheap, and that’s what’s most important. Choose Andre Spumante for a sweetly delicious champagne that everyone will enjoy, but it should be a particular hit with women, which is most likely your goal for buying champagne in the first place.

Whether money isn’t an object or you’re looking for affordable quality champagne, this list of the best brands of champagne will ensure you become a bubbly connoisseur, or at the very least, it’ll ensure you have a lot of fun trying out all the brands listed above until you find your own personal favorite.  

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