5 Best Brat Pack Movies of the ’80s

Sorting through all the teen trash that came out in the '80s and pulling out the best brat pack movies isn’t easy unless you enforce strict qualifying rules. True brat pack movies have at least one (but the more the better) bona fide brat packers listed in the credits. Look for Molly Ringwald, Alley Sheedy, Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy and Anthony Michael Hall; they make up the core group. 

  1. “The Breakfast Club.” AKA the one day of detention that defined a generation. Most of the brat pack comes out to play in this one, only Rob Lowe and Andrew McCarthy are absent. The others each take on the role of a school yard stereotype and show the audience that each label has an actual person behind it.
  2. St. Elmos Fire.” It’s the 20-something version of the “Breakfast Club.” Instead of dating, school and smoking the plot takes on marriage, career, and drug use. Sheedy, Estevez, Nelson, Lowe and McCarthy made up the assemble cast and represented the pack. Special shout out to a young Demi Moore as well.   
  3. “Pretty in Pink.” Ringwald plays Andie, a poor girl from the wrong side of town that tries to find her way through the high school social scene. Brat pack alumni McCarthy stars as Blane, her rich love interest. Other '80s notable Jon Cryer takes the geek role as Duckie. The flick’s a fun ride but the movie’s finale is predictable and sweeter than pink artificial sugar. It would have been nice to see the duck, ehh dork, get the girl.
  4. “Sixteen Candles.” When everyone forgets her 16th birthday, Sam, played by Ringwald, starts to think her entire life is falling through the cracks. To escape she embarks on a high school odyssey taking on house parties, out-of-my-league crushes, and school dances. Anthony Michael Hall takes on the nerd role in this one.    
  5. “Weird Science.” Two geeks use Frankenstein-like technology and a plastic doll to bring their dream girl to life. Brat pack purists may consider “Weird Science” a close call. Only one qualifying brat pack member, Anthony Michael Hall, has a starring role. But add in John Hughes and the judgment call lands squarely in favor of adding this '80s teen classic to the list. 
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