5 Best Breakdance Movies

The 5 best breakdance movies are all classics in the world of hip hop.  The movies feature some of the pioneers of hip hop and dance.  Here, in no particular order, are the 5 best breakdance movies.

  1. "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo"  Not many people can appreciate the classic that was "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo."  How could you not love a movie with "electric boogaloo" in its title?  "Breakin' 2" was a cheesy movie about kids trying to save their local recreational center.  The movie has an awesome dance-off at a club, cheesy lines, and great dancing.  Some of the biggest stars in breakdancing can be seen tearing it up in the movie.
  2. "Breakin'"  If the sequel is a great movie, then "Breakin'" is a classic.  Released in 1984, "Breakin'" has some of the best music featured from that era. With funky outfits and hairstyles no one in their right mind would wear these days, "Breakin'' used a multiracial cast to appeal to mass audiences.  The dances in this movie took freshness to a new level.
  3. "Beat Street"  Easily one of the corniest breakdancing movies ever, "Beat Street" is also considered one of the best breakdance movies ever made.  Although the plot is kind of lame, the dancing in the movie is sick.  Besides, who couldn't love a movie with Rae Dawn Chong trying to be urban?
  4. "Flashdance"  Admittedly, most people who saw "Flashdance" would not call it one of the best breakdance movies, but it is.  Even though most people only remember Jennifer Beals in the movie spinning around and dancing on chairs, there was some breakdancing thrown in there.  Go hit up Netflix and check out the fresh moves in "Flashdance."
  5. "Wild Style"  Not many people remember the classic "Wild Style."  The movie was the first movie centered on the hip hop culture ever released and is thought to be one of the best breakdance movies.  Everybody that was anybody in hip hop at the time was featured in the movie.

As with any art form, breakdancing has evolved.  If you are interested in checking out how much, rent one of the aforementioned movies.  Besides, you'll get an opportunity to check out some of the dope gear worn back then.

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