5 Best Breakdancing Gloves

Learn about: 5 best breakdancing gloves. If you want to truly pump your style while you're breakin, then try these gloves for a new take on hip-hop.

  1. Harbinger 1250 Training Grip: Although simple, this is one of the best breakdancing gloves that has an appealing black color to disguise it's true purpose. In addition, it provides great wrist protection when doing any hand hops and freezes. This way you can kick up your moves without compromising style.
  2. Harbinger 1260 Training Grip Glove: Another Harbinger, but this one comes with a sleeker designer. It features great wrist support for any advanced breaker. However, you will want to test this out on every surface so you know when it is safe to use and won't cause you to fall.
  3. Biker Gloves: These offer the tough style to match your moves on the floor. They are often fingerless to continue providing mobility to your moves and are quite affordable. Biker gloves are also one of the best breakdancing gloves as they avoid letting you slide when doing moves on your hands.
  4. Weight Lifting Gloves: Similar to biking gloves, these provide a rustic appearance. They can be found in many different colors and styles to match your clothing. Once again, the fingerless and firm fabric design makes these one of the best breakdancing gloves.
  5. Fingerless leather gloves. These will no doubt provide great support on the floor. They also allow great finger mobility with their fingerless design. You can research many different stores until you find the perfect match. Also try pleather gloves if you're looking for a vegan friendly option – just test it out first to be sure it doesn't slide.


Amazon Product: Harbinger 1250 Training Glove

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