5 Best Breakdancing Mats

Here are the 5 best breakdancing mats. Whether you're a pop locking professional or just a "Breakin'" fanatic, you must have the right gear in order to breakdance!  The sneakers and the bucket hat may be most important to you, but the break dancing mat is most important when preventing injuries to your body as well as your ego. Improvisation is the key to finding the best breakdancing mat. There are several common items you can use as breakdancing mats.

  1. Cardboard. Cardboard is one of the oldest and most frequently used material for breakdancing mats. It's thin, portable, and soft. It's best to tape the cardboard to the ground before breakdancing. If not, the mat will slide from under you, possibly resulting in a nasty injury. You can find cardboard almost anywhere! It may not absorb all impact so layer up the cardboard.
  2. Linoleum. Linoleum is a smooth material mainly used as a floor covering. Its smoothness enables you to move easier. Linoleum will also last a while since it is durable and flexible. You can find linoleum at  most hardware and carpet stores.
  3. Carpet Underlay. When carpet is installed, there is usually a layer of material under it which is called carpet underlay. Since underlay is used to provide insulation and shock absorbancy for carpets, it can also do the same for your body when breakdancing. It is also referred to as carpet padding.
  4. Thin Mattress. A thin mattress is good for breakdancing because it also provides shock absorbancy, protecting you from injuries. They also don't have springs, so you don't have to worry about bouncing around while breakdancing.
  5. Exercise Mat. Exercise mats can be made out of a variety of materials such as foam or PVC. These make for great breakdancing mats because they are compact and they are already cut in a desirable size. You will probably need more than one exercise mat for a wider range of movement.
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