5 Best Breakdancing Pants

If you’ve just perfected your “airswipe” or “the worm”, then you want to get one of the five best breakdancing pants so you can show your stuff. Breakdancing pants let you move and show your style.

  1. Sweat pants. These paired with a t-shirt and head bandana are the old school street version of the best breakdancing pants. They are easy to move in and everybody had these in their closet. Most kids with a piece of cardboard tried breakdancing in their sweatpants when they were growing up.
  2. Parachute pants. These ruled in the '80s. They are roomy and made to be durable when a dancer was spinning on the ground. These were narrow at the ankle to keep them from riding up. Shiny fabric and lots of zippers added some flash.
  3. Track suit bottoms. Some would argue that the best breakdancing pants are part of a matching track suit. Rappers wearing Adidas and Nike track suits and lots of gold baling inspired urban kids to yearn for these labels, including their oversized untied sneakers.
  4. Hammer pants. These are an exaggerated version of parachute pants made popular by M.C. Hammer videos. These were especially baggy and often made of wild prints or fabrics. For those of us who didn’t breakdance but appreciated the cool moves, Hammer pants will always be the best breakdancing pants.
  5. Jeans. Some dancers prefer the denim stand-by, from low, loose, urban style jeans to skinny jeans that highlight your moves. Today’s breakdancing is still found in urban areas and at regional and national competitions. A new generation is learning the movies via video.

If you loved breakdancing as a kid, you will have your own opinion about the best breakdancing pants. So dust off your parachute pants or brave wearing the hammer pants and get out there and show what you've got. If your back isn’t up to all that at least you can teach the kids you know how to do "the worm."

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