5 Best Breakdancing Shoes

There is no one good breakdancing shoe, so here are the 5 best breackdancing shoes overall. What it comes down to is what you find comfortable. What most breakdancers look for in a show is stability. The show needs to be able to point, flex, turn and jump around. However there are a few popular brands that breakdancers tend to go for.

  1. Vans – These are classic shoes for breakdancing. They’re solid and will last you quite a while. They’re also very ‘hip’ in all sense of the word. Since break dancing originated from the streets it’s important to keep it hip.
  2.  Puma – Puma’s are one of the best when it comes to breakdancing. They’re extremely lightweight, very durable and should last you a while. Puma suede’s are among the favorites of those in the breakdancing world.
  3. Adidas – They are pretty mid-weight and will give your foot the support it needs when you’re doing your moves. Before purchasing a pair make sure you walk around a bit to make sure they’re not to heavy in the heels as this is a common occurrence with Adidas.
  4. Nike – Nike high-tops are among the best if your ankle needs a little more support. Like the others they’re lightweight; allowing you to do your moves with ease. They come in many colors and styles so shop around for the one that’s best for you.
  5. Converse – These shoes are amazing! You can have custom ones made to fit your personal preferences. Another lightweight shoe that wont hold you down. They’re also slick allowing you to glide easily across any surface.

Whatever shoe you decided for breakdancing make sure that it fits comfortably. Often breakdancing shoes wont last an incredibly longtime, so expect to be spending a lot of money on shoes. Solid, lightweight, flexible shoes are a must for any true breakdancer.

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