5 Best Breakup Songs

Here are the five best breakup songs. Breaking up is devastating, heart wrenching and makes anyone want to crawl in a hole and die. But you can help the process by hearing the five best breakup songs that will either mend your heart or shred it even more.

  1. Eric Carmen-All by Myself. One of the best five breakup songs filled with raw emotions. Carmen provide us with smooth piano sounds and the background instruments makes us tear up even more. The lyrics are what many heartbroken lovers’ experience that makes this song deserving enough to be on this list.
  2. George Michael- One More Try. This beautiful break up song starts off with an church organ and within minutes of listening to the lyrics, your eyes will be full of tears. This powerful ballad is very meaningful for any guy who ended a relationship and is so hurt and distraught over it but at the same time, is still in love with his ex.
  3. James Blunt- Goodbye My Lover. Blunt sings this break up song full of emotions and he reach every listener of the song and touches the core of your heart and soul. This song is difficult as it expressed the pain of a very promising relationship with someone you felt certain to be with for the rest of your life. 
  4. Roy Orbison- It's Over. If one person is the poster boy for breakup songs, it is Orbison. This song is full of depth and Orbison belt out the titled song like no other. This song is meant to cry your heart out every time you listen to it.
  5. Eamon– I Don't Want You Back. Not every breakup song brings out the water works, and this song proves it. It is an anthem for every guy who's been wronged unrightfully and believes their ex is a true slut. You also hear the unedited version of the song that expresses the complete anger and resentment for the girl who is the ultimate betrayer. This 'screw you' song takes any hurt, pissed off man to a whole new level.

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