5 Best Breast Sucking Scenes In Movies

Ah yes, a question for the ages: what are the five breast sucking scenes in movies? If you're a porn aficionado, then you realize that breast sucking scenes are a dime a dozen. So, how does one choose the best of the best when it comes to breast sucking scenes? You have to look past the porn. The best breast sucking scenes are in mainstream Hollywood productions. Why are these the best breast sucking scenes? Simple. Seeing Halle Berry bare all is a rare occurance. Seeing Jenna Jameson get naked is all too common. Rare is worth more when it comes to nudity in general. Check these scenes out. Here are the five best breast sucking scenes in the movies.

  1. Monster's Ball (2001). Before this movie, Halle Berry showed barely anything in film. She's always been gorgeous, and guys have always fantasized about getting a glimpse of that perfect body. Well when "Monster's Ball" was released men worldwide didn't just get a glimpse, they saw the whole package. It looked like Billy Bob Thornton was giving her the angry make up sex treatment. Oh, and yes, her breasts were thoroughly fondled by Billy Bob's mouth area. Lucky bastard.
  2. Basic Instinct (1992). In the early 1990's, Sharon Stone was THE hottest woman on screen. Simple and plain. When this flick hit the big screen you could hear male teens going through puberty all over the country. Michael Douglas is another one of those lucky Hollywood actors that get to make steamy hot movies with beautiful stars. The sex scenes in this flick were bordering on porn. No porn scene is complete without a great breast sucking scene. And, Sharon Stone had some great breasts to be sucked.
  3. Fatal Attraction (1987). Once again, Michael Douglas gives you all a reason to be jealous of him. Yeah, OK, Glen Close may not be considered to be the hottest chick in the world. But, she put on a very hot performance. And theres Michael Douglas getting down with her. In an elevator, to the kitchen, and the bedroom. Great scene.
  4. Desperado (1995). Salma Hayek. Enough said. Antonio Banderas services those breasts just like a guy should during the bedroom scene. Guys would give their left testicles to have a night with Salma Hayek. And not only does Antonio Banderas get to be with her, he got paid to do it. Yes, the world is a very, very unfair place.
  5. Original Sin (2001). Antonio Banderas will not be dignified with another response. So what if he got to play with Salma Hayek's breasts. Who cares that he got to do the same with Angelina Jolie in this flick. Really!? Who cares… All of you do. Each and every one of you.
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