5 Best Briefcase Backpacks

The 5 best briefcase backpacks are those essential pieces of luggage that you love to carry around with you for both their convenience as well as their carrying power. They give you the option of strapping themselves to your back like a backpack or, courtesy of their handles, letting you carry them alongside you as you would a briefcase. Depending on which one you get, you can even look more stylish with one of these on your back or dangling from your hand.

  1. STEBCO Deluxe Bond Street Laptop Briefcase/Backpack. This briefcase/backpack hybrid is at the number one spot because of how many things you can do with it. You can carry a lot of computing equipment with it, such as your laptop, printer or even your notebook. There is even a zip-down pocket for your mobile phone and other small items like your business cards.
  2. Kelty Switch Briefcase Backpack. This briefcase backpack all-in-one takes the two spot because of its padding. It features dual-orientation and full padding to make sure your most prized possessions–such as your laptop and other electronics that it has the capacity to carry–never get knocked around to where they will get damaged.
  3. Saddleback Leather Company Chestnut Leather Briefcase and Backpack. From the Saddleback Leather Company comes this briefcase and backpack combination that takes the three position on account of its fine leather. Saddleback's leather is only the best: made with tough-to-sew and thick, full-grain leather with unfinished edges. The price is really expensive due to its high-quality leather, so that may be deter you a bit.
  4. Manhattan Portage Laptop Briefcase Backpack. This briefcase backpack can be lugged around in three different ways, but what establishes it at the four spot is its water-resistant coating. Now, you can take your briefcase backpack from Manhattan Portage out in the rain and not let that slow you down any.
  5. David King & Co. Convertible Backpack/Briefcase. This backpack/briefcase by David King & Co. features many different pockets and slots for all your pens, cards and other needs. With straps that can both be adjusted and hidden within this briefcase backpack's pockets, this David King & Co. item can also hold you cell phone as well as your laptop.
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