5 Best Briefcase Designers

The 5 best briefcase designers are those designers that make you glad you own the type of briefcase that you do. These briefcase designers make certain that you get the best of both worlds: briefcases that are functional and practical as well as briefcases that are stylish and sharp-looking. These designers all make briefcases which add some sexiness to your otherwise bland attire.

  1. Samsonite. This briefcase designer gets the number one spot on account of its unique and memorable advertising campaign. Throughout the 20th century, Samsonite has been known as one hell of a tough brand of luggage, thanks to an ad that showed a chimpanzee throwing about an American Tourister (which is owned by Samsonite) briefcase without any damage coming to it. Since then, Samsonite has been synonymous with briefcases that won't let you down under the toughest conditions.
  2. Kenneth Cole. Kenneth Cole takes the two spot because their briefcases are the intersection of dressy and casual. Kenneth Cole's briefcases are also the epitome of multi-function, allowing you to use your briefcase for anything from your laptop computer to smaller accessories like your smartphone, or even to just your basics like your pens and pencils.
  3. Jack Georges. If you want luxury in your briefcases, then look no further than the time-honored brand of Jack Georges. It takes the number three position for its commitment to providing you with the finest forms of leather briefcases on the planet. Jack Georges even features several types of leather, like hand-stained Italian leather, American steer hide, and Saffian leather.
  4. Underwood. This is the briefcase designer brand you want if you love to life the high life. Taking the four spot because of the prohibitive price that you have to pay for one of their babies, Underwood briefcases are only sold through custom purchases. That's the path you'll have to go through to get your very own handmade, personalized and ultra-luxurious briefcase.
  5. Caran d'Ache. Caran d'Ache is the Swiss manufacturer which is most well known for its pens and writing instruments. However, they have gone into the briefcase designer business, so if you are yearning to own a briefcase that is meant for your inner business executive, then give it a try. Their products are made in Italy.
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