5 Best Brigitte Bardot Movies

Curious about the 5 best Brigitte Bardot movies? After Marilyn Monroe, French actress and singer Brigitte Bardot is the reigning archetype of female beauty and sexuality from the 1950s. According to several sources, including Turner Classic Movies, the term “sex kitten” was originally coined for her, and Guess model Claudia Schiffer rose to fame because of her striking resemblance to Bardot.  She appeared in nearly 50 films between 1952 and her retirement in 1974, just before her 40th birthday. Here are a few of her best film appearances.

  1. "Viva Maria!" This is a fun action film directed by Louis Malle. It features Brigitte Bardot and Jeanne Moreau as two girls named Maria who join the revolution in a small Central American country around the beginning of the 20th century.
  2. "Act of Love" This 1953 film starring Brigitte Bardot and Kirk Douglas was her first American film. The film is about a romance between an American soldier and a beautiful French girl near the end of World War II.
  3. "Helen of Troy" Although she only has a small role as Helen's handmaid, Brigitte Bardot nevertheless shines bright in this 1956 epic film about the Trojan War.
  4. "The Night Heaven Fell" This was the second film created by director Roger Vadim to star Brigitte Bardot, his wife at the time. Bardot plays a beautiful young girl who falls in love with a young man in trouble in this sensual drama.
  5. "And God Created Woman" This is the 1956 Roger Vadim film that launched Bardot as an international sex symbol, and so no list of the best Brigitte Bardot movies could possibly be complete without it. The film follows the sensual and sexual adventures of an 18-year-old orphan girl named Juliette, played by Brigitte Bardot.
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