5 Best British Military Watches

The 5 best British military watches are those made by Cabot Watch Company. They are suppliers to the armed forces of Britain. Their prototype military watches exceed expectations in quality and reliability. A few of the best-liked military watches in Britain are those below.

  1. General Service R.A.F Military Watch. This design of Cabot company was developed under the Royal Air Force order. They requested military watches that were built without the use of tritium. There was also a requirement for a non-battery-hatch watch to facilitate durability. This watch has all the desired features and an extra date display. British military watches are made to endure great stress and maintain performance.
  2. Quartz Chronograph Military Watch. This watch is accredited by CWC. The British Ministry of Defense strictly produces this British military watch on demand. For time precision and sensitive operations, this British military watch provides a thirty-minute and one-tenth-second display dial. These are produced in bulk and are only supplied to the British armed forces.
  3. CWC Quartz Chronograph. This British military watch model is best known for its accuracy. These are built while keeping in consideration Swiss watch standards. This British military watch is made with high quality tritium. The acrylic glass used for its screen is scratch- and break-proof. All parts used in this British military watch are Swiss made and are of superior quality.
  4. Silver Dated Royal Navy Automatic Diver's Watch. This British military watch is made by a Swiss watch company. The parts are all Swiss made, only assembled in Britain. These are meant for divers in the Royal Navy. These watches can hold their water resistant properties for up to three hundred meters. The dial is tritium illuminated. The tritium is an isotope of hydrogen; when it is combined with phosphor materials it gives out florescent light. This is used in many other watches as well. Tritium ensures that the watch dial and hands are lighted for use in the dark. Almost all diver's watches have tritium features.
  5. 1970 Remake Mechanical Chronograph. This watch is delivered with the Swiss watch company’s authenticity certificate. These British military watches have two dials on the chronograph. The winding is mechanical and the model has a beautiful twenty-nine-jewel presentation. These British military watches are produced with a military insignia strap. The shiny stainless steel strap and scratch-proof acrylic glass make them most suitable for rough military use.
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