5 Best Brothels In Amsterdam

The 5 best brothels in Amsterdam might have you packing and booking the next flight to Europe. In Amsterdam prostitution is legal, and you only have to be 16 years of age to associate with the prostitutes in Amsterdam. The Red Light District is one of the biggest areas for a brothel.

  1. Jan Bik. This is the second most popular brothel in Amsterdam. The owner of the club started of selling naughty magazines in one room above another shop, and has since graduated to this well known brothel. They hand out 50% discount coupons, and the prices without them are still very affordable and competitive. The women in the club are said to be independent entrepreneurs, and are not counted as employees. 1013 GH Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  2. Privehuis. There are a number of these throughout Amsterdam depending on the area you’re visiting. The prices are the same, but the girls are different. Drinks are also offered in their packages. Bos en Lommerweg 175, 1055 DS Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  3. Yab Yum. This is by far the most famous brothel in Amsterdam. This brothel was only for exclusive clients, and well to do people who could afford to go there went. Entry to this brothel was 70 euros and this included one drink and your entrance to the club. The women there are said to charge around 300 euros an hour. Singel 295, 1012 WH Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  4. Huize Ria. This is a strip club, but also provides other services from the women. They serve various types of drinks, and you can go upstairs with one of the women to be serviced even more. You can visit to just watch them dance if you would like as well. Overtoom 558. 1054LN,Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS.
  5. Love Club 21. This brothel offers only Thai women, the best around. Their prices are affordable, and you do not even have to have sex if you choose not to. They give full body massages and sex or even just the massages if you choose too. Koestraat 21, 1012 BW Amsterdam, Netherlands.
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