5 Best Brothels In Germany

Glancing at the list of the 5 best German brothels, it quickly becomes apparent that Germany is one of the best places to visit for a pleasure filled vacation. Unlike other countries that try to blot out the sex industry, Germany embraces. It is a first class place to get laid, and these brothels are worth checking out.

  1. Pascha – If you are in search of a large variety of delectable women Pascha is one of the best options. Pascha is the largest brothel in Europe, occupying 12 floors and 9,000 square meters. It houses well over a hundred prostitutes. After you pay the small entrance fee you are free to talk to and negotiate with any of the prostitutes in the building. They all have different fees and work independently of the building. If you enjoy the experience enough there is an onsite hotel you can stay at for the remainder of your vacation. There are many bars and a nightclub as well as the main brothel.
  2. FKK World – FKK world was created specifically for American tourists, and it delivers a huge serving of pleasure and fun in a very American friendly way. There are multiple pools, as well as a sauna, and an erotic theatre. It is the perfect place to go for the holidays. The girls go all out for special events with skinny-dipping, and erotic games of beach volleyball. There is even a sports bar that you can enjoy the Super Bowl in. 
  3. Bernds Sauna Club – For the ultimate laid back experience Bernds Sauna Club is the place to be. It is more of a house than it is a club. It’s the perfect place to hook up with the MILF of your dreams. The women can be seen sprawled out on the chaise lounges around the pool. 
  4. FKK Oase – FKK Oase is the perfect place to go for a well deserved vacation. With large pillars and statues of Venus you will feel like you are entering in to a Greek palace in the middle of the forest. From the time you get in the building it is your job to relax and play hard to get while beautiful women do their best to pull you away for a long pleasurable experience.
  5. The relax club – The relax club located in Hamburg Germany is all about creating a laid back, enjoyable atmosphere. Upon entering the club you will be greeted by a line of girls dressed in masks and skimpy lingerie. The girls have all been trained to tease the sense and delay gratification to build up a higher level of anticipation.
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