5 Best Brothels In Nevada

The 5 best brothels in Nevada are there to give you and your penis a home to call its own…for a price! If you ever feel lonely or like sex with women of easy virtue, then these Nevada brothels have you covered, boy.

  1. The Love Ranch. The best brothel in Nevada is the Love Ranch because it actually features real whores who have posed inside of the pages of that smut magazine "Hustler"! If you play your cards right, or if you happen to pay enough money, you and your penis may actually get the chance of a lifetime to luck out and get to spend some time inside a real smoking hot, voluptuous and slutty wench. Just imagine all the bragging rights that that  give you. Oh, yeah! Find it at 69 Moonlite Road, Carson City, Nevada, 89706.
  2. The Kit Kat Guest Ranch. Calling itself the classiest cathouse in all of Nevada, this second best brothel in Nevada can be found in the unincorporated town known as Mound House. It makes this list because of something very kinky and erotic: It is only one of a few brothels in all of Nevada to consistently feature porn actresses whom you can actually bang in real life! So if your penis craves some sloppy-seconds action, just tell them you want to nail a real, live porn actress, and they'll send one over. Its address is 48 Kit Kat Road, Carson City, Nevada, 89706.
  3. Cherry Patch Ranch. The Cherry Patch Ranch is the third best brothel in Nevada because its story is so relatable and sensible. It was born out of the understandable frustrations of a john who took a whore to bed, only to be robbed by her and her gun! So, what does a john do in a case like that? Why, buy some land in Nevada and start a brothel where desperate and stressed-out men can get their sexual neediness satisfied by a bunch of money-hungry and cheap women, of course! This brothel sits in Crystal in Nye County.
  4. Chicken Ranch. If you have been yearning for a brothel which understands the value of a dollar, then the Chicken Ranch is your dream brothel, Jack! It offers coitus and all the kinky side-stuff that comes with it for a mere minimum of $100, though the average for oral sex and fornication is actually closer to $350. With these reasonable prices, for about 30 minutes you'll find yourself revelling in an orgasmic heaven.
  5. Sheri's Ranch. The final brothel in Nevada on this list, Sheri's Ranch is deserving of a mention because it markets itself not only as a brothel, but also a resort. Besides staying here and sexing your brains out with all kinds of amoral women who have absolutely no concept of modesty at all, you can also enjoy yourself at this brothel-resort's sports bar, swimming pool, tennis court and spa. What a great idea for a vacation: Nail women who will do anything with and to you for a quarter, and then luxuriate in the upscale resort environment! Now that says good times. Get here by going to 10551 Homestead Road, Pahrump, Nevada, 89061.
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