5 Best Built Mega Yachts

Nothing says luxury like mega yachts, and our list of the Five Best Built Mega Yachts may make you go out and pick one up! Fast, powerful, opulent status symbols, nothing says, "I'm rich and powerful!" like owning your own mega yacht.

  1. The Eclipse. Having nothing at all to do with the upcoming installment in the Twilight series of vampire/teeny-bopper movies, our Eclipse is the current champion as the world's biggest mega yacht. Supposedly owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich and measuring 557 feet, the Eclipse is rumored to feature a missile-detection system (understandable, since if you're that rich, you're going to have lots of enemies anyway!), two heli pads, a pool, and a submarine/escape pod.
  2. The Dubai. At a mind-blowing 524 feet long, The Dubai, unsurprisingly named for its home country, is the creation of German shipbulding and engineering works, Blohm and Voss. Originally built for Prince Jefri Bolkiah of Brunei in 2006, it is now the Sheikh of Dubai's and is worth an estimated $300 million. If you ever make it onboard, remember that it has VIP apartments and luxury apartments, so this is definitely a step up from your local Holiday Inn. It also features, if you can believe it, a heli pad, a small submarine, a spa and a squash room. We bet the waiting list to get on this one is longer than long! Now you see why it is on our Five Best Built Mega Yachts countdown.
  3. Prince Abdulaziz. Curiously named, The Prince was the world's biggest yacht when it was built in 1984 and held that distinction until The Dubai, above, edged it out! Now the property of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, it boasts twelve staterooms and the capacity to hold 22 guests; its lobby on the main deck was allegedly designed after the Titanic. No list of the best built mega yachts would be complete without this one!
  4. Al Salamah. At 456 feet long, the Al Salamah is owned by yet another member of the Saudi Arabian royal family. This time, it is Defense Minister Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz who owns this gem of a yacht. Because of its gargantuan size, it is apparently often mistaken for a cruise ship! Costing about $200 million, Al Salamah comes with a crew of 96 and 80 rooms spread out on eight decks. One of the best built mega yachts indeed.
  5. Rising Sun. No, Japan is not what we mean when we include Rising Sun in this context. Rather, it's the mega yacht owned by technology giant Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison and record executive David Geffen. The yacht makes the rounds all over the place, touring in the last couple of years to the Greek Islands, Venice, Croatia, the Virgin Islands and Slovenia. This yacht, weirdly, has its own fan website! We thought fan websites were only for celebrities!



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