5 Best Burton AK Jackets Ever

The 5 best Burton AK jackets ever are jackets that you will thank your lucky stars for wearing the next time you are out in the winter cold. Burton AK jackets provide warmth, comfort, layers of protection and—perhaps most important of all—a sexy style that will make everyone who sees you think of you as a real attractive man.

  1. Burton Men's AK 3L Hover Snowboard Ski Jacket. This Burton Men's AK jacket is at the top spot on this list because it features a fleece-like inner material and Gore-Tex construction. The next time you want to be king of the mountain, put on this AK 3L snowboard ski jacket and shred down the mountain on your board.
  2. Burton AK BK Insulator Jacket. The Burton AK BK insulator jacket is the jacket you want if you need either a cool-looking jacket to wear on the street or a thick jacket that could save your life on cold mountains. It sits at number two because of its Dryride Thermex material, which means heat will be kept in your body as moisture is repelled.
  3. Burton AK Softshell Jacket 05. The Burton AK softshell jacket is the jacket for you if you want enhanced, overall breathability with an added focus on waterproofing, too. This Burton AK jacket comes in at number three due to it being your go-to jacket when you hike on warmer days, stand at the summit or relax at a bar.
  4. Burton AK 2L Cyclic Men's Shell Snowboard Jacket. This Burton AK jacket caters to snowboard riders who demand quality and prime performance. Coming in at the number four spot, this jacket is worn by some of the top snowboard riders of the present day.
  5. Burton AK 2L Stagger Men's Jacket. A jacket that features zip armpit vents for heat release and special zippers for both water and wind resistance, this Burton AK jacket will protect you against all the baddest things that the elements can throw at you when you are out in the cold. It occupies the number five spot because it has a 100 percent nylon taffeta lining.
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