5 Best Burton Custom Boards

Burton is a world known brand in snow boarding and boarders are always interested in knowing about the 5 best Burton custom boards. Burton custom boards are well known for their technology and their low prices. Some of the best-known Burton custom snowboards are as follows:

  1. Burton deuce is one of the less expensive snowboards from Burton custom snowboard range. These are specifically made in a design to make them light weight. The edges are etched to give better footage.
  2. Burton Custom X Snowboards are the best of Burton custom boards. Their specialty is the wide area. These are amazingly light and give super grip to the rider, this enables these Burton custom boards to fall precisely on spot and thus give sharp turns.
  3. Burton fix snowboards are the best of commonly used Burton custom snowboards. These are low priced keeping in view of low budget clientele. These are known to be perfect for common and formal use. These Burton custom snowboards are equally good whether they are used in learning snowboarding tricks or for professional skiing in the mountains.
  4. Burton custom V rocker is a completely innovative design in Burton custom snowboards. This Burton custom snowboard is known for its precision and lightweight. A special feature of this Burton custom snowboard is that the front and rear tips are elevated to give a new dimension to snowboarding tricks.
  5. The most distinctive feature of Burton custom ICS snowboards is that these have a fly II core that renders these Burton custom boards lightweight. They impart more thrust and grip at the same time with their dualzone EGD profile. Definitely record breakers and best in the field.
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