5 Best Burton Custom Snowboard Bindings

If you need new snowboard bindings, learn about the 5 best Burton custom snowboard bindings. Snowboarding experts will tell you that your bindings are arguably as important (if not more important that your actual snowboard). Having quality snowboard bindings will help you have more control of your board and maximize your snowboarding experience. Here are the 5 best Burton Custom snowboard bindings:

  1. Burton 2008 PROGRESSION CUSTOM snowboard bindings. These best Burton custom snowboard bindings were originally used only at ski resort rental shops. Burton took the original model and made it lighter (7 pounds) and they are now making the Progression custom bindings available to the public. These bindings are designed to adjust to your foot and your riding style while you ride. The 2008 Progression custom bindings are also a great deal. 
  2. Burton Skyback Custom Snowboard Bindings 2010. The Burton Custom Skyback bindings are the lightest Custom bindings Burton makes. You will still get the forward motion, self-adjusting feature of the older models, but the 2010 Skyback is  updated with EVA cushioned padding and only weighs one pound. These snowboard bindings are available in acid green, grey, white and black. 
  3. Burton Custom snowboard bindings 2009. The 2009 Burton Custon Snowboard bindings are best for all-mountain freestyle snowboarding. The 2009 custom bindings are durable enough for you to take to the snow park and lightweight enough for you to carve down the mountain. These bindings have a medium responsiveness and a single-component baseplate made from poly-carbonate.  
  4. Burton Custom Detox Snowboard Bindings. The Burton Custom snowboard bindings are best  for all-mountain or park snowboarders at every level. These bindings come in two color options; mandarin orange and extra yellow. These ultra-responsive bindings will be an asset whether you are landing tricks in the park or carving down the mountain. 
  5. Burton 2006 Men's Custom silver snowboard bindings. These best Burton snowboard bindings have a medium responsiveness with quick release straps. If you are trying to save money, the Burton Custom bindings 2006 model are the best Burton bindings for you. Though they are a bit heavier than later models, they still have the EVA cushioning and the self-adjusting lean forward design. 
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