5 Best Business Card Cases

In this list you will be introduced to the 5 best business card cases available. The business card cases featured each offer a little something different to the carrier, and each reflects a different price range or level for the consumer. 

  1. New Umbra Bungee Wallet Business Card Case in Aluminum. The New Umbra bungee wallet for business cards is very sleek and futuristic in appearance and has the basic shape of many smart phones – it only lacks the screen. That the case is aluminum is a great selling point, as aluminum business products typically scream expensive while this item is actually a five dollar bargain. Different edge color varieties are available for the businessperson who likes to customize.
  2. Engraved Leather Business Card Case. Most retail stores typically have a fairly nice jewelry counter and at this counter as well as on-line you can purchase leather business card cases capable of being engraved. A monogrammed or personalized business card case is very professional while the leather covered aluminum base structure hints at prosperity and success.
  3. Cole Haan Business Card Case. Cole Haan makes unique business card cases available in basic black. The Cole Haan case displays business cards with the upper portion of the card allowed to be plainly visible within the case making it perfect for the jacket pocket or a briefcase compartment where card containment is not an issue.
  4. Philippi 142003 Cushion Business Card Case. For the person who has never forgotten the sleek style of a lighter with a flip-top, Philippi has ideal business card cases. The top flip opens to allow the owner to pull out a business card short end first. This case would also be a great fit for rebels who their have business cards printed vertically instead of in a landscape format.
  5. Gucci Men’s Wallet Business Card Case Black Leather. Gucci has a comprehensive and classy business card solution in their leather case. This is a product that exudes confidence and success at first glance. From the smooth texture of the leather to the Gucci logo in the lower right hand corner, contacts will know that the owner of such a case is serious about personal presentation.

Business card cases can state a lot about the person carrying it, so it is important to make a good impression with a case worthy of a professional.

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