5 Best Cable Bike Locks

With bicycle thefts increasing, many people need to know what the five best cable bicycle locks are. When searching for a cable bicycle lock, it is imperative to consider value and reliability. These bicycle locks are at the top of the list for value and reliability.


  1. The first bicycle lock on the list of the five best cable bicycle locks is the Saris Locking Cable Bike lock. This lock features an extra sturdy, large gauge steel cable with keys. The price is right for this lock, with the average price being twenty three dollars. This lock can be purchased at all retailers including Walmart.
  2. The next lock on the list of the five best cable bicycle locks is the OnGuard Akita Bicycle Combination Cable Lock. This lock also features a vinyl cable and a combination lock. While possibly not as secure as the Saris Cable Bike Lock, this lock averages fourteen dollars and the lock is completely resettable.
  3. For those who have paid hundreds or even thousands for their bicycles, only the best cable bicycle lock will do. Therefore, number three on the top five bicycle locks is the Abus Steel O Flex Granit X-Plus 1050 lock. This lock features all of the bells and whistles. It is eight pounds and features a double steel layer. It is long enough to lock two bicycles plus it features anti pick and anti force technology to prevent theft. It costs an average of one hundred and eighty dollars, but it is well worth the cost to protect an expensive bicycle.
  4. The next cable bicycle offers a combination of the highlights from the first three. The OnGuard Armored Cable 5024 and 5025 Rottweiler series offers the affordable price of around thirty five dollars, yet the added benefit of a twisted cable, steel locking mechanism, as well as a vinyl cover and keys. This secure option is definitely one of the best of the five best cable bicycle locks.
  5. An excellent choice when listing the five best cable bicycle locks is the Master Lock Keyed Cable Lock number 8218DPS. The benefit of this lock is the anti-pick, anti theft technology combined with the hardened steel sleeve. It features the vinyl coat as well. Priced at around thirty dollars, this lock is dependable and has a reliable name standing behind it. The price and benefits makes this one of the top five best cable bicycle locks.

No one wants to have a bicycle stolen. A bicycle is a major investment and often a form of transportation. It is imperative to utilize a cable bicycle lock that protects and gives value for the money. These five cable bicycle locks are at the top of the list.

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