5 Best Calf Foot Massagers

Here are the 5 best calf foot massagers to relieve aches pains in your feet that you may experience for various reasons. You don’t have to take the pain sitting down; you can do something about it. Here are the best calf foot massagers to sooth and relax those aching calves and feet to get you up and going again.

  1. Sanyo Zero Gravity HER-FA500W foot massager adjusts to your needs. Whether you are in the standing or seated position, this massager will curve to fit your sore, aching calves and feet to give you an optimum massage. The small and large interior airbags will snuggly wrap around your legs as they inflate and deflate to relief the tension in your calves and legs, promote healthy blood circulation and invigorate the feet and calves.

  2. Human Touch Ottoman Robotic 2.0 calf and foot massager will feel like you are getting a rejuvenated massage from a professional masseuse. There is height adjustment for added comfort. The ten rollers on each leg will give a vigorous massage on the calf and feet. There are two speeds to increase the simulation from the rollers. There is also a twenty minute automatic shut off timer if you feel yourself falling asleep from such a soothing massage and you wish to use it only for a short time or you may let it roll continuously to increase your pain relief.

  3. Prosepra Phs calf and foot massager will revitalize your aches away in minutes. This portable calf and foot massager on wheels can travel wherever you go. This compact massager is loaded with numerous irresistible features. Five auto programs as well as three auto shut off settings: five, ten and fifteen minutes. This massager includes easy-to-read handheld remote control with LED display and yhree levels of intensity for deep penetration for intense pain in the calf and soles. The durable, soft fabric is conveniently removable to clean. Why go to a professional when you can get the same results from home?

  4. U-Comfy leg calf and foot massager knows how to squeeze and please. It’s not designed just to simultaneously massage the calf and feet, but also applies relieving pressure points to the bottom of the feet. The vibrating and squeezing action will calm and refresh those throbbing calf muscles and remove built-up stress in your legs to make you feel refreshed.

  5. JFK 800 Shiatsu Reflex calf and foot massager gives you the spa treatment without visiting a spa. Your muscles will feel energized as this massager targets deep inside, kneading, tightening and relaxing those hard-to-reach areas where the culprit of your nagging pain lies.

If you have been slowed down due to aching and restless muscles in your calves and feet, get ready to be active again. These are the best calf foot massagers and they want to energize your legs and improve the health of your entire body.

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