5 Best California Government Jobs

Listed below are the 5 best California government jobs. Each of these has different qualifications and anyone trying to find specific employment working for the state should be sure to consider each of these positions. The federal government and state governments have increased employment opportunities allowing people to find jobs working for the public. Following are the 5 best government jobs in California.

Five Best Government Jobs in California

  1. Forestry and Fire Protection: For anyone has any interest in fire fighting and protecting the wilderness, this is the perfect sector to start in. With plenty of opportunities to work your way up, working for the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection will have you being an everyday hero who helps to prevent and contain wildfires, forest fires, and other related problems.
  2. University of California school system: A number of positions are available for professionals within the state's university system. Medical workers and doctors, scientists, and educators are presently being hired by the schools.
  3. California Department of Education: Anyone who has an education degree and enjoys teaching can presently find jobs in the state's public school system. A teaching job is reliable, though not the most lucrative position, and it is very rewarding for anyone qualified.
  4. California State Parks: The state park system is presently hiring rangers. For anyone who enjoys the outdoors, this is certainly one of the best California government jobs, as you will spend most of your time surrounded by nature. Part time employment is also offered by California State Parks.
  5. Highway Patrol: For anyone who enjoys law enforcement and the promise of becoming a state trooper, jobs are available through California Highway Patrol. A great salary and excellent benefits accompany this government job in California.

Each of these jobs caters to people with certain career desires and all of them are state sponsored, which means that pay is reliable and great benefits accompany these positions.

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