5 Best California Road Trips

So you want to know 5 best California road trips? California has lots of entertainment to offer. Beaches, night life, amusement parks and even nature. Read on to see the five best California road trip destinations:

  1. Winchester Mystery House - In San Jose, California, a unique traveling destination is the Winchester House. This Victorian based house is a weird, eccentric oddity with maze like hallways and architectural wonders. Mrs. Winchester built secret passageways and maze like obstacles to supposedly confuse ghosts that were following her. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you'll be amazed by the detail of this mansion.
  2. Yosemite Park - Yosemite National Park is a great nature retreat and one of the first nature parks in the U.S. Come see the spectacular views and wildlife, or hike some trails. 
  3. Hollywood – How can you forget California's glitzy attractions in Hollywood, the most famous zipcode? In So Cal, you can visit Universal Studios, the Hollywood squares, and Disneyland. Lots of family fun and great entertainment. Enjoy being a kid again and keep your eyes out for any celebrity sightings! 
  4. Redwoods - Redwoods are huge, massively gigantic trees that are a force to be reckoned with in Redwoods National and State Park in northern California. Go camping in this spectacular, humbling setting or just drive your car through a redwood and take photos. 
  5. Napa Valley – For any wine connoisseurs, Napa Valley is a must. Check out the Napa Valley Wine Train; a restaurant housed on an antique vintage train and go wine hopping to all the different wineries. You'll love the photographic views. 

California boasts lots of great places to visit and enough road to make a worthy road trip out of it. Check out the Redwoods first, in the north most part of the state and drive through San Francisco's charming city life and make your way down to Winchester Mystery house. End at Hollywood, California and you're in for a fun packed vacation with the right amount of nature and city life. 




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