5 Best Cameras For Beginning Photographers

If you’re interested photography, it’s logical that you would want to know the five best cameras for beginning photographers to start you in the right direction. As an entry-level photographer, it’s important to buy a camera that allows you to learn the controls easily but gives you room to grow. So the cameras presented here are all Digital Single Lens Reflex cameras (DSLR) because these support interchangeable lenses which will allow you to later expand. So sit back and relax for a read of these best digital cameras for beginners; you’re sure to find the one that fits the style you want to develop the most.

  1. Nikon D5000.A sweet addition to the Nikon family for entry-level photographers and sporting a drop down LCD screen, this camera boasts 12 megapixels (MP), delivering exceptional picture quality at 4 frames per second (fps).  The D5000 is a camera that doesn’t just take pictures; it also takes high definition (HD) videos and allows you to edit pictures while on the camera. The Nikon brand, known for its multiple scene modes compared to other digital cameras, allows you to take pictures in a wide range of conditions such as indoors, portraits, night time and during the heat of the day. Nikon has a user interface that allows beginners to become accustomed to the style, and with this camera being comfortable to hold there is little question as to why this camera is considered as one of the best digital cameras for beginners.
  2. Pentax K7. It has many of the same basic qualities of other digital cameras such as HD video, 14.6MP, and a CMOS sensor (as opposed to the higher priced CCD sensors). So what’s exceptional about the Pentax K7? The lenses for Pentax are compatible across the Pentax family, and this camera is the outdoor photographer's dream. The body of this camera is composed of magnesium-alloy which makes it resistant to weather, dust and cold, things that can affect how well a camera performs. So despite the higher price tag, if you’re interested in a camera that will get you started in outdoor photography, then this best digital camera for beginners is your new friend.
  3. Sony α 380 may not be as good as others, but it still offers qualities desired by entry level enthusiasts. This digital camera for beginners sports controls that make it easy to use. The Sony has a tilting LCD screen excellent for its kind and great for users who prefer taking pictures via LCD. With quick Auto-focus (AF) controls which work great in fair lighting and outdoors, the Sony pulls through as a great portrait and outdoor camera. Unlike some others, the Sony has a built-in wireless flash control. The shortcoming of this camera is the lack of HD video, though it does have HDMI output. This shortcoming can be overlooked as Sony continues to develop products which support Minolta lenses due to Alpha's image stabilization ability regardless of the lens.
  4. Canon EOS T1i. It runs neck to neck with the Nikon D5000 for digital cameras for beginners. However, it trumps Nikon when faced with low light conditions because of its great AF capabilities, delivering accurate colors befitting the picture you want to capture. With an ISO, referring to the sensitivity of the camera to light, setting reaching 12, 800 while still delivering good image quality makes the T1i great for low lighting. The LCD of this digital camera is not only resistant to reflections (making it good for outdoors too) but also scratches!
  5. Olympus E-620. It delivers multiple scene modes similar to Nikon, and with its smaller size compared to other Olympus entry-level cameras, the Olympus delivers 4 fps and a built-in wireless flash controller. The shortcoming of this camera, much like the Sony Alpha 380, is the lack of HD video. This camera serves indoor and outdoor conditions, thus, allowing the beginning photographer to develop a feel for both areas.

These cameras have made a mark in photography and are each applauded respectfully. Hopefully, by what has been presented here, you have developed a mental feel for the camera you desire. Now the only thing left is for you to get over to the store.



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