5 Best Cameras For Concerts

If you've ever had the difficult time of taking photos at concert, you may be wondering what are the top 5 best cameras for concerts? Taking photos at concerts is very difficult, especially if you have nose bleed seating. However did you know, with todays newly advanced cameras that feature megazoom, we are now capable of capturing picture perfect close up photographs, even in nose bleed seats? Here are the top 5 best cameras for concerts.

  1. Olympus sp-800uz. A top favorite pick due to the fact that this sturdy, high quality camera comes with a built in 30x zoom. That's correct, 30x. This basically means that you will be able to capture all of the action just as you would if you had front row seating. This spectacular digital camera, with its megazoom will capture long distance photographs like never before, with clean, crisp results in 14MP.
  2. FujiFilm FinePix HS10. Another megazoom digital camera that would be an excellent choice for concert photography. This camera, like the Olympus mentioned above, also features a jaw dropping 30x zoom.
  3. Olympus sp-600uz. The next top choice. Like big sister sp-800uz, the Olympus sp-600uz is another fantastic camera for concert photographs. It does not boast a 30x zoom, but it does have a 15x zoom, which is capable of capturing spectacular photographs at 12MP.
  4. Olympus Pen EPL-1. Due to its stunning quality and nifty features that can take your concert photographs up a notch, or two, or three. Besides just breathtaking photo quality, the Olympus Pen EPL-1 also allows you to go from camera mode to HD video recording mode with just the press of a button. No longer will  you have to shop through menus looking for your video option. It's right there on the camera, and will begin working and recording immediately.
  5. Lastly is the Canon PowerShot SD780. Due to the fact that it can take stunning photographs, while being slim and sleek enough to slip in and out of your pocket. A lightweight camera is always a plus, especially at concerts when you may be dancing or hopping around like a maniac. It's built with quality, durability, and allows you to let loose and enjoy the show.
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