5 Best Cameras For Digiscoping

While there are numerous camera brands to use by birders for taking pictures, here are the 5 best cameras for digiscoping that could give more quality experience of digital photography. Digiscopes give more advantages when taking photos over traditional film photography as it has better magnification features such as a spotting scope, which is one of the distinctive features of digiscoping cameras. Below are 5 cameras with the best features for digiscoping.

  1. Nikon P5000 is one of the most popular and regarded digiscope cameras on the market. This camera for digiscoping has a powerful 10.0 megapixel for taking quality photo. Accentuated with a 3.5x optical Zoom-Nikkor Glas Lens, one can take pictures with the highest level of clarity and colored images. Birders get the most benefit from Nikon P5000 by taking pictures on low light as it has a D-lighting feature that automatically adjusts the brightness detail of the images taken under dark background or poor lighting condition.
  2. The Canon Powershot A95 offers another handy digiscoping camera that traveling birders will truly appreciate.  It has 5.0 megapixel with an inspiring resolution that gives the advantage of printing larger images with crisp details on the photo taken. It is lightweight, handy, easy to use controls, and durable which is best for traveling convenience.
  3. The Contax SL300T digiscoping camera is best for birders who prefer to use handy cameras with easy controls from the menu. One is ready to digiscope with just a few clicks on the menu. It has a lightning fast shooting rate operation where you can take 3.5 pictures in second with a very minimal shutter lag. It has a 1.5” LCD but gives powerful detail of sharp images to view. The compact size of this digiscoping camera makes it relatively lightweight which is ideal for travelers. It only takes 1 second start up time in addition to its wonderful features which are important assets of the Contax SL300T to enjoy digiscoping without the hassles.
  4. Sony’s DSC W7 produces good digiscoping results with a 5 shots burst mode at 0.9 frames per seconds. This digiscoping camera is perfect for capturing moving objects at high speed. It is compatible with conversion lens with its VAD-WA adaptor that allows the addition of teleconversion or wide conversion lens for better magnification of images with special effects filter. It has 7 scene modes that can match any shooting conditions. It has an extra large LCD monitor of high resolution for better viewing clarity. One can enjoy better contrasts and details of digital imaging using its 14-bit digital extended processor that captures the range between highlight and shadow.
  5. The Canon EOS 1D Mark III top of the pro class is an excellent choice among professional digital photographers. It has superior 21 megapixel high resolution with a five-frame-per-second shooting rate. It is made of alloy with a versatile design for indoor or outdoor professional shooting engagements. It allows an ultra high speed data transfer to its memory card with a specialized auto focus system that is perfect for wildlife photography. This digital SLR digiscoping camera has a live view feature that birders will enjoy especially when doing close-up photography with precise digital focus on images.
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