5 Best Cameras For Film Students

Looking for the 5 best cameras for film students? While some film students only have a modest budget, others have scrimped and saved for a top-of-the-line product. Each of the cameras on this list comes with advanced features that will help film students finish their movies with the most professional-looking product possible.

  1. Canon VIXIA HF S200 HD Flash Memory. For the film student on a tight budget, the Canon VIXIA is one of the best cameras for under $1,000. Its 5.1-Channel Surround Sound ensures a crisp sound. The VIXIA features two slots for SD memory card recording, and when one memory card fills up, the camera automatically records onto the second card. What also makes the VIXIA one of the best cameras for film students is its Instant AF technology, which lets you  auto-focus quicker and with more precision. With Touch and Track, you can touch any object on your LCD panel and the VIXIA will focus on it for you, holding focus even if the object moves. Overall, the Canon VIXIA is a great, inexpensive buy for any film student.
  2. Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40 AVCHD. Any film student with a little more money to spend will appreciate the Panasonic HMC40 as one of the best cameras available. Weighing in at slightly more than two pounds, the HMC40 allows complete HD AVCHD recording with a high-resolution capture clocking in at 10.6 megapixels for still photos. Equipped with standard SD memory card storage, the HMC40 can record seven hours of continuous video with a 5,800mAh battery. A slow zoom for precise close-ups and a Leica Dicomar lens gives you 12x optical zoom and an optical image stabilizer for more accuracy and control.
  3. Canon GL2 MiniDV Digital. The Canon GL2 has proven itself as one of the best cameras for film students due to its combination of affordability and advanced features. One noteworthy feature is the Professional L-Series Fluorite lens that greatly increases image clarity and sharpness. The GL2 gives film students the option of recording 16-bit audio on two channels into the same track, or in 12-bit with the audio split in two and recorded on one track. Canon has also tweaked their technology to allow for greater light sensitivity, enabling the filmmaker to maintain picture quality in little to no light.
  4. Sony DCR-VX2100 3CCD MiniDV Handycam. A little pricier than the previous models, the Sony VX2100 is for film students with a little more money to spend. Advanced HAD progressive scan CCD technology considerably improves the camera’s illumination capacities so you get brighter, more vivid color without the use of infrared. The 58mm aspherical lens and neutral density filter reduce the distortion you’d experience in typical spherical lenses. The VX2100 also comes with Advanced HAD Megapixel CCD technology, making your playback richer due to a resolution comprised of 530 horizontal lines. And if that wasn’t enough, you can record with the VX2100 for nine hours or play back for thirteen hours with the Sony NP-F960 battery.
  5. Panasonic Pro AG-DVX100BP(S) 3-CCD MiniDV Proline. Used by many in the film and television industry, this is the top-of-the-line camera for film students. One of the first key features you’ll notice is how its lightweight nature doesn’t impair your ability to keep a firm hold on the camera. That’s because the center of balance has been weighted right at the handgrip. Like the previous Panasonic model on this list, the DVX100B features a Leica Dicomar lens that limits color abnormalities and heightens clarity. The multi-coating on the lens reduces flare and what is known as “ghosting.” Because of these advanced functions, the DVX100B gives you the sharpest picture imaginable. It also comes equipped with OIS (Optical Image Stabilizer), which wipes out nearly all the blurring you would get when moving the camera. The ultimate power this camera will give you is the option to shoot in three different modes: 24 frames per second, which will give your video the look and feel of professional films; 30 frames per second; or 60 frames per second, which is standard. All these features combine to make the Panasonic DVX100B the best camera for film students.



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