5 Best Cameras For Film

In the digital age, those who are looking for the 5 best cameras for film are becoming few and far between. However there are still those who enjoy old fashioned photographs, but with all the reviews and focus being on digital products, those looking for the best cameras for film are finding it difficult to determine which one is the right one for them.

  1. Canon EOS-1V. One camera that consistently rates at the top of the lists of the best cameras for film is the Canon EOS-1V. Although pricey for a new version and (though less for a used one), this camera is one that will stand the test of time. Between its crystal clear pictures to its super fast focus and ability to shoot ten frames per second, the Canon EOS-1V is the perfect camera for anyone serious about photography or who wants to purchase one camera that will last for years to come.
  2. Nikon N75. For those who are looking for a professional quality camera without the excessive cost, the Nikon N75 would make a perfect choice for one of the best cameras for film. Reasonably priced, this Nikon model seems to fix problems users had with older versions while still keeping the same high quality photos Nikon has become known for. The only complaint most users have? It only shoots 1.5 frames per second; for all its other features, the Nikon N75 gets rave reviews.
  3. Olympus Trip 600. For those on a budget or those who mainly want a camera for taking snapshots, the Olympus Trip 600 is an excellent choice for one of the best cameras for film. With its reasonable cost the Olympus is lightweight and compact. While it does not offer a zoom function, for those looking for simplicity and affordability it is a perfect choice.
  4. Canon Rebel T2. If what you are looking for is a high quality, yet affordable camera, the Canon Rebel T2 is a perfect fit as one of the best cameras for film. With its various shooting modes and ability to shoot three photos per second, this camera is a fantastic choice for someone who wants quality photos but at a fraction of the price. Add in the bonus feature of the LCD screen that allows you to see what your photos will look like when printed and you’ve found your perfect fit.
  5. Polaroid 300 Instant Camera. No list of the best cameras for film would be complete without the classic Polaroid instant cameras. The phenomenon of instant prints was brought back to life after being discontinued in the early 2000s. With its affordable price range this camera will allow you to capture those precious moments and share them with those you love immediately; no hooking up to a computer and downloading photos to email; just shoot and print. Its convenience makes this an easy pick for one of the best film cameras.
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