5 Best Cameras For Food Photography

Looking for the 5 best cameras for food photography? Food photography is a demanding task, so when professionals go about their job, they want the best cameras for photographing food. The best cameras for food photography are all dedicated to sharpness, accuracy and bringing food to life on a page like you've never seen.

  1. The Canon Rebel. The attractiveness of this camera is in its ratio of value for the features that it includes. Very well cut out for food photography, the Canon Rebel is a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR), and some experienced, professional photographers recommend this type of camera because it improves your photos. Great value with great features—is it any wonder the Rebel sits on top of our list?
  2. The Canon G Series. If you significantly value portability in your camera choices, you may want to look into this one. Taking this camera around with you is as easy as slipping it into your pocket! Wait, there's more! Despite its portability, it still maintains the features of bigger cameras like the aforementioned Rebel. So with the G Series, you are in fact getting portability without sacrificing much in the way of the all-important features that bigger and, conceivably, more equipped cameras carry. Another well-deserved entry on our list of the 5 best cameras for food photography.
  3. The Panasonic Lumix LX3. Another smaller camera that does wonders for portability, the Lumix is feature-heavy. Particularly likeable is the fast lens it possesses, along with image stabilization, ever-handy if you want to take food pictures in low-light scenarios, such as inside buildings.
  4. Fujifilm Finepix S2 Pro. Used as the camera body in a "Shutterbug" feature on food photography, the FinePix S2 Pro continues its series' dedication to outstanding picture color and detail. In addition, it also empowers photographers by giving them more control over the editing, storing, taking and transferring of high resolution images. It is indeed one of the best cameras for food photography.
  5. Nikon N80. Closing our list is the Nikon N80, also a spotlighted camera in a "Shutterbug" feature on food photography, and with good reason. Including a field-proven AF system, four exposure modes for maximum control and a built-in Speedlight for light control, this camera is really a top choice among professional food photographers.


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