5 Best Cameras For Infrared Photography

Here are the 5 best cameras for infrared photography for your next vacation. During a vacation or camping trip, most of the pictures taken are during the day. Those taken at night generally do not produce a decent picture at all. That really makes it hard to get a shot of Bigfoot or his pals.

Using an infrared camera is the key to taking pictures everyone will want to see and talk about for years to come. Now you will have the pictorial proof to back it up. Imagine standing on the deck of a boat during a nighttime stroll and taking a stunning picture of the ocean or that special someone in the moonlight. Infrared cameras are available in different price ranges; the top five are listed here.

  1. The Bushnell Trophy Cam Trail Camera w/Color Viewer, is available at atafa.com. This is one of the best cameras for infrared photography and fits in the palm of a hand. It will operate for a year on just two AA batteries. Twenty-four night vision LED lights won’t frighten animals being photographed. This ingenious camera allows the user to select up to three images per click, either in 3MP or 5MP resolution.
  2. The Stealth Cam 5.0 Megapixel Infrared Digital Scouting Camera, is available at Wal Mart. Nighttime photography is a breeze with this little gem. It can be set to take pictures when a built-in sensor is tripped. Take pictures of the backyard camping trip, animals passing by a campsite or catch someone in the act.
  3. The Cudde IR Game Scouting Camera, is sold by Amazon. Of all the infrared cameras, this has the easiest set up. Strap it to a tree, set the camera and leave it. In the morning, retrieve the SD card and print perfect pictures. Weatherproof housing makes this camera one less thing to worry about in the rain.
  4. The Wildgame Innovations IR-8x 8MP Infrared Scouting Camera is sold at JR.com. Not only does this amazing infrared camera shoot nighttime still shots, it also shoots 30 second movie clips. Featuring an 8GB memory card, all the accessories and the ability to take shots 60 feet away, this could be your perfect camera. Imagine catching the “life of the party” during a camping trip.
  5. The Moultrie Feeders MFH-I-60 GameSpy 6.0 can be found at Unbeatablesale.com. With no visible white flash, animals aren’t scared away when the picture is taken. This camera incorporates the moon phase, camera ID, date and time on each picture. Instead of just relying on a sensor, a remote control allows the photographer to take still or video clip shots with ease.
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