5 Best Cameras For Portrait Photography

Portrait photography can be difficult, especially if you do not have someone ready and available to take your photograph for you. Taking self portraits is usually what most photographers do. It's easier, more comfortable, and if you mess up, you can always hit delete. So which cameras are the best cameras for taking portrait photographs? Find out here what our top 5 picks are, and why they are our top 5 picks for best cameras for portrait photography.

  1. The Samsung ST550 is a neat pick because this camera has not 1, but 2 LCD screens. The camera has a large 3.5 inch screen on the back side of it, and at the front a smaller 1.4 inch LCD screen. This is really neat because it will allow you to take self portraits without messing it up. You are able to view your face on the front screen, before you snap the photograph. The camera itself features 12.2mp and is reasonably priced at around $300.00
  2. The Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 is the next hot top pick for best portrait cameras because it is durable and takes stunning high quality photographs. It has a portrait mode built right into the camera giving you a simple and fool proof method to taking excellent quality self portraits and portraits of others. The camera is considered to be indestructible, and you can take it in the water with you. Pretty nifty for a digitial camera that is priced under $400.00, wouldn't you say?
  3. For those of you who are very serious about taking stunning sharp portraits you may want to consider the Nikon D300. This camera has all of the features a professional photographer would want—with jaw-dropping high quality photos, taking portrait photos with this camera is a breeze. It's a little hefty price-wise, but worth it if you are serious about taking spectacular portrait photographs. The Nikon D300 comes to around $1,200.
  4. Up next is the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS. This camera is really wonderful for beginners who are looking to take stunning, high quality portrait photographs and are new to DSLR cameras. This camera is easy to use and priced reasonably at just under $450.00.
  5. Last but not least you have the Sony Alpha A230L. The reason this camera made the list is because it has all of those wonderful features that one would look for in a DSLR, and it is priced so fairly that it easily becomes a top choice for beginners who are looking to take photos with a DSLR, yet do not want to spend a month's paycheck on it. This camera is priced at under $400.00 and will take beautiful high quailty portrait photos.
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