5 Best Cameras For Scuba Diving

The best cameras for scuba diving have to include such features such as high resolution (for those 8x10s to hang on the wall) and be rated for deep water. To find the best camera for you, consider the type of photography you’ll be doing. Are you new to underwater photography and don’t want anything too fancy? Or do you want your photos to capture as much detail as possible?

  1. Sealife DC 1000. If you are interested in getting into professional photography, then the Sealife DC 1000 may be the best camera for scuba diving. The DC 1000 is a 10.1 megapixel camera that is rated for a depth of 200 feet. Sealife also produces a wide angle lens and a Digital Pro flash strobe light for professional quality photos.
  2. GoPro Surf Hero 5 Megapixel High Definition Camera. Want to shoot high definition video in 720p, 960p or 1080p? Then this digital camera from GoPro is the best camera for scuba diving. In addition to having five megapixels, the camera also has a 170 degree wide angle lens and is rated to a depth of 180 meters.
  3. GoPro Digital Hero 5 Wrist Camera. This camera is one of the most portable cameras for scuba diving. It is small enough to be attached to your wrist and offers five megapixels of resolution. The camera works off of just two AAA batteries, and is rated to a depth of 100 feet.
  4. Liquid Image HD Video Mask. Want to be able to take pictures while scuba diving without having to hold onto a camera? Now you can take pictures using this combination dive mask/digital camera. The mask features a camera with five megapixel resolution and is rated for a depth of 115 feet.
  5. Sealife Mini Reefmaster 6.0. For an entry-level underwater camera, the Mini Reefmaster is an excellent scuba diving camera option. It comes with six megapixels of resolution and a large, two inch wide LCD screen, perfect for taking pictures underwater. The Mini Reefmaster is rated to a depth of 130 feet.




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