5 Best Cameras For Sports Photography

Sports photography is an intense field of photography, and the 5 best cameras for sports photography need to be able to deliver great performance. For cameras to be fit for use in sports photography, they have to be sophisticated, provide sharp focus and, most of all, deliver the excitement of sports in single, still-frame pictures! That's a tall order, but these cameras are up for it.

  1. Canon Rebel XTi. The Canon Rebel XTi has an advantage over other cameras suited for sports photography: it is, in fact, the most popular digital single-lens reflex camera across all fields. Bar none, the Rebel has the best image quality of any camera in its class. For sports especially, it comes with the AI Servo continuous focus mode, and photographs sports in a mode called RAW.
  2. Canon EOS 5D. This camera is pricey, but well worth it if you're a serious, hardcore photographer who wants the best. The Canon EOS 5D is, simply put, the best digital camera available. Its operating speed works in a way which never stops. It turns on instantly and has only unmeasurable (small) delays when doing anything from turning the camera on from sleep or displaying pictures. Many sports photographers swear by it, and that's why this makes the list of the 5 best cameras for sports photography.
  3. Canon EOS-1D Mark II N. This camera is even better than the EOS 5D, but the price tag, a whopping $3,999 at the time of its release, makes this out of reach, except for true diehards or those that need this kind of power for their job. For sports photography especially, the EOS-1D Mark II N features the creation of new folders automatically when hitting a certain number, making it more responsive for sports photography.
  4. Nikon Coolpix 990. Retailing for less than the aforementioned cameras, the Coolpix 990 still packs a punch with 3.3 million pixels and an optical zoom of 3x. As for sports photography, the Coolpix 990's Continuous Photography feature enables the user to shoot multiple photos in sequence and, if desired, even short movies!
  5. Canon Powershot SX1IS. The Powershot is spec-heavy and, thankfully, not as pricey as the others on this list, and therefore you won't be so quick to break your piggybank. Designed for sports photography, among other things, it boasts of fast operation for all those times when detail matters in capturing the drama and action of sports. Retailing for around $600, this camera is a pretty good compromise between being more economical, yet also containing the basic, sound features of all sports cameras.



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