5 Best Cameras For Wildlife Photography

Finding a good camera to take photographs of wildlife is sometimes difficult, and you may need to mix things up a bit with these five best cameras for wildlife photography. Not all cameras are created alike though, so which cameras are the best for photographing wildlife? Below you will find a list of the five best cameras for wildlife photography.

  1. The Olympus SP-800UZ makes the list of the top five best cameras for taking photos of wildlife, because it is the very first digital camera that comes with a 30X ultra scope optical zoom. Basically you can take photographs of wildlife at very far distances, which is spectacular, because no longer will you have to get close to your subject. Taking photos of birds and other wildlife subjects will be easier, and you will be less likely to scare your subject away. This particular camera varies in price, but never really touches the $400.00 mark.
  2. The Olympus E-620 is the next digital camera worthy of making this list. This camera piles in a slew of wonderful features. What makes this camera so special is that it is considered the world's smallest Digital SLR camera. It is pint sized, yet packs all of the features that one would look for in a professional DSLR camera. This DSLR is priced at around $500.00, but it has all of the options a wildlife enthusiast would look for in a camera.
  3. The Canon Powershot G11 is another runner up that is worthy of checking out. This camera will allow you to take fast motion photographs, eliminating blur. Sometimes when you want to catch a shot of a bird in flight or an animal running, the photo ends up looking blurry. The motion detecting technology in this camera will allow you to capture that perfect shot. It is also priced at around $500.00.
  4. The Nikon CoolPix P100 is a new addition to Nikon. This camera is an excellent runner up against the Olympus SP-800UZ. It, too, boasts a wonderful optical wide angle zoom, coming in at 26X. Not quite 30X, but still enough zoom to allow you to catch a subject from a distance. The competitor however boasts a decent price at just under $400.00.
  5. Last but not least is the Olympus 1030SW, or the Olympus Tough. These two digital cameras are spectacular for those who like catching marine wildlife. These cameras allow you to take them down under with you into the water to catch great shots of fish, or even your kids in the pool. This camera is also freeze proof, shock proof, and of course, waterproof. They can be found for sale in the $300.00 range, which is not too bad for a camera that is almost impossible to break.
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