5 Best Cameras For YouTube Videos

These are the five best cameras for YouTube videos. Youtube is used for many different things by many different people. Some people want to document their life in video blogs. Some people want to express themselves to somebody, they do not care who you are, and they just rant. And others just want to create cool little videos and display their talent. No matter which you are looking to do, these afre the best cameras to make yourself a youtube super star.

  1. IFlip Mino HD- This video camera is extremely light and portable for you vloggers. It offers HD picture quality and is simple to use. Due to its cost, we recomend you start off with something a little less expensive in case your road to YouTube stardom is a little longer than you anticipated. But this is no doubt one of the best cameras for YouTube.
  2. Kodak ZI 6- This pocket sized video camera is great for YouTube videos. With a built in USB this video will take 720p videos and can easily upload to YouTube. You can record up to 32 GB worth of video on this video camera.
  3. Casio Exilim EX-F10- This camera for YouTube is a little more bulky than the previous two but has similar picture quality. With the best shot feature this camera will tell you where to place it for your "best shot".
  4. JVC Everio Camcorder- This camera for YouTube is for the more profesional YouTube-er. This camcorder will give you simplicity and amazing pocture quality as far as YouTube videos go.
  5. DXG Pro Gear DXG 587Z HD- This camera for YouTube is the most expensive of the bunch but with 1080 pixels and 10x digital zoom it is easy to understand why.
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