5 Best Camping Air Mattresses

The 5 best camping air mattresses are the kinds of mattresses that you should feel happy about bringing along with you on your next camping trip. The reason for this is because of their great performance and dependable choice as places on which to sleep and get your strength back up during your exhaustive camping trip. The next time you're camping, take along one of these mattresses and ensure continued nights of great sleep.

  1. Intex Classic Downy Queen Airbed with Two Pillows and Double Quick Hand Pump. The next time you're on a camping trip, just think of how good it is to feel a luxurious sleeping surface on your back as you try to drift off to your slumber. With Intex's Classic Downy Queen Airbed, you certainly can. Imagine experiencing plush flocking and wave beam construction for an even sleeping surface while in your camping tent, both reasons this mattress takes the number one position.
  2. Coleman Queen-Sized Quickbed with Wrap 'N' Roll Storage. If you want an air mattress on your next camping trip that can sleep two people comfortably, then this is your mattress, and it deserves the two spot because of its spacious sleeping surface. Another benefit is how quickly you can inflate this mattress: Through its Double-Lock Valves, you can inflate it up to ten times faster than normal mattresses that only use pinch valves.
  3. Stansport Backpacker's Air Mattress. This camping air mattress by Stansport is just what you need for all your camping trips. At only 21 ounces, you can easily pack this away and then produce it when you need to set up camp for the night, and this convenience nets it the number three position. Including six, independent air chambers, this mattress will whisk you off to the land of dreams in no time at all.
  4. Intex Queen Prestige Downy Airbed with Hand Held Battery Pump. Intex's camping air mattress takes the four spot because of its waterproof properties that make taking it along on camping trips with you a true joy. This mattress also includes a flocked top, which simply means that you will enjoy better sleep due to its more luxurious sleeping surface.
  5. Intex Fabric Camping Mattress. At the number five spot is this very basic camping mattress by Intex, which does not cost as much as the others on this list. However, it is topped with fabric to ensure a decent night's sleep, but it doesn't come with the flocked top of more advanced camping mattresses, which ensure even better quality sleep.
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