5 Best Capoeira Fighters

Capoeira has always been a sport that intrigued the audience, so the 5 best capoeira fighters will prove their worth here. Their actions blend mastery of physical power and free flowing grace together into one hypnotic series of motions. 

  1. Andre Gusmao. Quite possibly the most famous capoeira fighter out there, the clip of his fight on YouTube has gotten quite a number of hits, and it's easy to see why. He handles himself well and proves the style isn't just for show.

  2. Lateef Crowder. He uses his art for more practical purposes such as acting. Probably best known for his fight against Tony Jaa in ''The Protector,'' he really shows off what he has against Jaa and once again gets people interested in capoeira.

  3. Jose Carduso. He is well known for founding ABADÁ-Capoeira and spearheading all martial arts movements worldwide. He is also known as Mestre Camisa. He is quoted to have loved nature and sports his entire life, and he is incredibly dedicated to this martial art and his organization.

  4. Reinaldo Ramos Suassuna. One of the old timers in the sport of capoeira, he is another founder of a capoeira organization. With dreams of starting an academy and introducing capoeira to the general public, he is well respected for his contributions to the sport.
  5. Mestre Pastinha. A classic underdog story, he is a poor boy introduced to capoeira at the tender age of eight and has vigorously pursed the sport ever since. Although he encountered hardship in his later years, he never once regretted dedicating his life to the sport. He even founded a school.

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