5 Best Car Amplifier Wiring Kits

When trying to come up with a list of the 5 best car amplifier wiring kits, we realized just how needed it really was with all the competition out there. Instead of trying to find your way through all the crazy wires yourself, take advantage of this hard work and check out the best car amplifier wiring kits on the market:

  1. StreetWires Power Station PSK04Bi. This comes with insulated power cables, connectors and even the fuses. Everything you need to get great sound in your car is right here, which is why it’s first on our list of the best car amplifier wiring kits. The silver plated, oxygen free wiring will provide years of clear sound.
  2. EFX 10-Gauge Amplifier Wiring Kit. This is yet another kit that comes complete with everything you will need to set up your new or not so new amp. The reason we chose this as a top pick for the best car amplifier wiring kits is because the accessories are waterproof, the cables are long and the kit is straightforward.
  3. Rockford Fosgate RFK4X. The power cable, speaker wire and patch cable that comes with this kit is top of the line so we couldn’t pass up putting it on our list of the best car amplifier wiring kits on the market. Designed to be used with amp rating as high as 100 amperes, the cables are made from pure oxygen free copper wire for premium sound.
  4. Kicker 09PK4. This kit offers 4-gauge ground cables, power cables and a fuse holder to make installing a simple task. We chose this kit as one of the best car amplifier kits on the market though, because of its turn-on lead and the product’s claim to provide maximum power transfer when being used.
  5. Legacy LAMP4 Amplifier Installation Kit. We loved finding this and putting it on our list of the 5 best car amplifier kits because it is just so affordable without sacrificing quality. Water resistance, wires that are some of the longest on the market and gold plated fuses are just a few things to get excited about when it comes to this product.
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