5 Best Cargo Pants For Men

If maybe jeans aren’t your style, perhaps you’d like to know more about cargo pants, specifically the 5 best cargo pants for men. Let’s face it: jeans and slacks just don’t offer all that much storage space. Oh sure, carpenter jeans have loops to hold tools, but how many people walk around with a hammer on their hip? Cargo pants are loaded top to bottom, front to back, and up and down with pockets of varying depth, with some brands being more loaded than others. And that’s exactly what we’re going to enlighten you with now. Here are the brands you can trust to provide with the ideal cargo pants for men with which to hold all your stuff.

  1. ScottEVest. Said to be some of the best cargo pants on the market, SeV presents men with some pretty epic pockets. One pair dubbed the ‘ultimate cargo pants’ offer 16 pockets! That’s could hold almost a quarter of the average lady’s handbag contents. However, being such awesome storage pants, expect not an economical price – a pair of these can cost you around 70 bucks.
  2. Old Navy. If you’re leaning more toward affordable rather than loads of pocket space, Old Navy will be your best friend ever. Ranging between 20 and 30 dollars usually, the Navy of Old will offer you up pretty much the same exact style in different colors. These are just basic pants with a single cargo-style pocket on each leg, and some styles can zip off into shorts. Normally these wouldn’t show up on this list, but for the frugal shopper, we felt they should be included.
  3. Scrubs. No, not the sitcom. Scrubs-style pants can sometimes be found in the cargo style. Whether or not scrub cargo pants would be ideal for anything but hospital work purposes is totally dependent on individual tastes. Some brands that offer nice comfy scrubs are Grey’s Anatomy and Cherokee; quality and affordability, respectively.
  4. Carhartt. Despite the goofy name, this brand actually offers some pretty sweet cargo pants for men. These pants are meant more for work purposes than for the fashionably-inclined, and the price reflects their ability to take abuse. A pair of Carhartts cargo pants will set you back between 40 and 70 dollars, but check this out: some models are flame-resistant. If you’re going to do a Jackass-style stunt involving fire, we suggest this brand to keep your legs and delicate bits unroasted.
  5. Dickies. Of course we’d never forget this familiar brand! Dickies is the name known best for men’s and women’s work pants, and they’ve quite a selection of cargo pants for men with a pocket addiction. Usually in shades of black, grey, blue or khaki, you can find is brand just about anywhere and one pair will cost you between 20 and 30 dollars. And hey, they make scrubs too.
  6. Bonus brand: Greed. This brand typically is not associated with good old-fashioned cargo, but it really deserves a place here. Greed is a Hot Topic-featured brand that often manufactures raver/wide-leg jeans, and the pockets on these are amazing. On some, the butt pockets are so deep, you can fit a two-liter bottle down each one. Okay, that might look really silly, but it’s still pretty awesome. Most pants from the goth superstore are loaded with pockets, as in seven or eight on each leg. These run pretty normal as far as HT prices: about 50 dollars.
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