5 Best Carp Fishing Reels

The five best carp fishing reels are made to be strong, lightweight and easy to handle. Some include features you do not normally find on a traditional reel. They are made to deal with very big fish that can be close to 100 pounds. If you are fortunate enough to get one like that on the line, you don't want to lose it. 

  1. Shimano Aero Technium XSA MGS. This carp fishing reel has a 4.3:1 gear ratio that makes it perfect for reeling line in fast and strong enough to muscle in a big one. It has a magnesium rotor and body that keeps it lightweight and easy to handle. The drag allows for free spooling or clamping down to keep the carp from running. An extraordinary twelve ball bearings keep the reel running as smooth as possible.
  2. Daiwa Tournament BASIAIR. Another lightweight carp fishing reel, the Daiwa is stronger than it looks. It is made of an air metal magnesium alloy that makes sure of that. It has a retrieve gear ratio of 4.1:1 that provides plenty of fish-fighting power. The Infinite Anti-Reverse helps to prevent backlashing when casting.
  3. Daiwa Tournament Basia Carp. Daiwa once again makes the list of five best carp fishing reels. One reason is the machined alloy handle that has a wooden knob. You might think that's nothing to get excited about, but you will understand if you ever spend four hours reeling in a huge carp. Another great feature is the rapid drag engagement that allows for quickly changing from the front drag to free spooling.
  4. Shimano Big Baitrunner Long Cast Reel. Sometimes you need to make a long cast to get to a carp, and other times you just need plenty of line to stay with one that is running. The Big Baitrunner can handle that for you with its ability to hold an unprecedented 600 yards of line. The spool is tapered to ensure long-distance casting. The handle is designed to put more of the cranking power on your elbow, which helps when you are having trouble reeling in a 40-pounder.
  5. Fox Stratos FS. The last on this list of best carp fishing reels is the Fox Stratos. It is designed for fishing with a lighter line in smaller waters. Sometimes lighter line is needed to get fish to bite. It also allows for playing with a carp more, as does the front tightening drag and free spooling capability. It has a fast 5:1 gear ratio, which may be a bit of overkill for carp. Just be cautious that you don't reel too hard and break the line.
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