5 Best Cartoon Dinosaur Movies

The five best cartoon dinosaur movies are just for kids. Sure, the G or PG rating would lead you to believe so but let's face it, a lot of children movies appeal to adults as well. These five cartoon dinosaur movies are good films. They provide entertainment anyone can appreciate for the most part. For a dinosaur movie to qualify here, remember it has to have been a cartoon.

  1. “Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs” 2009: This wildly popular cartoon dinosaur movie is a classic. The plot centers on the crew from Ice Age stumbling upon an underground world inhabited by dinosaurs. The comedy ensues as the gang find themselves in several sticky situations with hungry and irritated dinosaurs.
  2. “The Land Before Time” 1988: Actually, the entire series is great. It follows a group of young dinosaurs (all plant eaters) and their various adventures. There are many life lesions and good things for kids to learn about throughout the series. This is a very well animated and written series with beloved characters and plenty of episodes to go back to and watch over and over again.
  3. “We’re Back A Dinosaur Story” 1993: This dinosaur tale follows Captain New Eyes who travels back in time and feeds the dinosaur his brain grain. This ingenious concoction makes the dinosaurs intelligent and friendly. The dinosaurs travel to modern time and befriend a young boy. This is a very upbeat and fun movie.
  4. “Gertie the Dinosaur” 1914: How about a little nostalgia with your animated dinosaur movie? This creation by Winsor McCay is a short movie award winner for Art in Film and is in the National Registry for Film. This is a funny short movie about a bet between two cartoonists to see who could animate a dinosaur.
  5. “Wolf Tracer’s Dinosaur Island” 2004: This animated dinosaur movie boasts the voice talents of Mark Hamel and Heather Marie Mardsen. The plot centers around a fishing expedition that goes horrible wrong. The survivors wash ashore an island inhabited by dinosaurs.
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